Controller software update

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FST-2XT and FST-2XTs firmware
(FST-2XT/XTs only !)
Please contact New Liftt Serviceline
FST-2XT news FST2XTchanges-customer-EN.pdf
FST-2XT und FST-2XTs recovery
(nur FST-2XT/XTs!)
Please contact New Liftt Serviceline
FST-2XT Update manual hb_Update-Backup-Analysis_fst2XT_XTs_2016_05_en.pdf
GST-XT firmware (GST-XT only!) Please contact New Liftt Serviceline
FST-2 and FST-2s firmware fst_V1100_0570.img
GST-2 firmware gst_V1080_0177.img
ADM: Bank Control ADM_23_V01.lfs
ADM: Double ADM_20_V16.lfs
ADM: EAZ-256/40 ADM_30_V13.lfs
ADM: EAZ-256/64.G ADM_31_V04.lfs
ADM: Penthouse Control ADM_22_V05.lfs
ADM: Single ADM_21_V22.lfs
ADM-3 universal ADM_50_V33.lfs
EAZ-TFT.110 / .45 / .210 (Firmware)
  Update Info
Please contact New Liftt Serviceline
EAZ-TFT.110 / .45 / .210 (Neuron)
  Update Info
EAZ for foreign lift controllers EAZ_EXT_V24.lfs
FPM-2: car operation panel module 2 FPM2_V2_V22.LFS
FPM: car operation panel module FST_FPM_V56.lfs
FSM-2: car top module 2 FSM2_V2_V54.LFS
FSM: car top module FST_FSM_V55.lfs
HHT: Handheld terminal FST_HHT_V16.lfs
Emergency monitor EAZ_ESM_V04.lfs
RIO-2: I/O extension 2 RIO_2_V03.lfs
RIO-ADM: I/O extension RIO_ADM2_V05.lfs
SPK: Speaker module SPK_01_V13.lfs
external license agreement for open-source-software in New Lift products as PDF license agreement