Especially for clinics and hospitals

Infection drive function
This function deactivates the lift after a contaminated patient has been transported in it. This allows the car to be disinfected before further use.

Emergency function
The emergency function reserves one car (out of a group of 4 cars) for an emergency drive. The desired car reserved for emergency drives can be set and changed anytime as desired. During normal drive mode, the car does not take part in the group, “RESERVED” will be displayed on the floor indication displays. During emergency drive mode, the floor indication displays will show “EMERGENCY”.


Transport function
This function specifies one car (out of a 4 car group) for special transports. The desired car can be set, and changed at any given time.  During normal drive mode, the car participates in the group. As soon as the key switch is activated, the lift will react to that call without accepting any other calls.


Rescue drive
By pressing the key switch on the landing panel in the main floor, all car and landing calls will be deleted and the car will drive into the main floor immediately and will resume there with open doors. After the keyswitch “RESCUE DRIVE” is activated in the car and the desired floor has been given, the lift will drive into the target floor without stopping at other floors and will resume there with open doors and blocks all car and landing calls. The car can be reset to normal drive mode either by defining a certain time, or by manually deactivating the rescue drive with a key switch.

Helicopter function
Many hospitals and clinics have helicopter landing pads. To transport the casualties to the emergency ward/operation room immediately, the car will be provided in the floor of the landing pad. While the car is being kept in that floor, this function also allows emergency doctors to call the car on short notice and use the lift for single drives in priority mode.


Lock function
Function for installations with anterooms, which are used as security or desinfection locks. The function only allows one door to be open at a time.

Senior function
The senior function is used mostly in homes for the elderly and avoids dementia patients leaving the station or floor without nursing staff. As soon as the car enters the floor with dementia patients, all existing landing calls will be ignored and the car calls blocked to retain the car in the floor. To leave the floor, a 4 digit code must be entered via a 10 key keyboard. After the code has been entered correctly, all car and landing calls will be approved. The code changes daily automatically, but can also be set to change every hour. As soon as the car is empty and closed, the car will return into normal drive mode automatically and will execute existing landing calls.

Psychiatry function
This function avoids unauthorised people to leave the floors of the psychiatry. Additionally a key switch on the car panel avoids unauthorised people to access the psychiatry’s floors. If the car opens the doors in one of the psychiatry’s floors, incoming landing calls will be blocked, all car calls will be blocked and the car will remain stationary with opened doors. The according key switches on the car or landing panel must be activated to unblock the lift. The car will close the doors afterwards and will be available in normal drive mode. There are two additional alarm signals for monitoring. 

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