Special functions for car and load lifts

Load barrier function
When using load lifts with fork trucks, the car doors opposite can be accidentally damaged during loading. A cheaper alternative to reinforced car doors are loading barriers, which are located inside of the car and sink into the floor. These are risen out of the ground in front of closed doors to protect the doors of mechanical damage during loading and off-loading. Optionally traffic lights can be fitted inside the car or outside on the landing. Loading failures will also be identified.


Control of revolving doors and rolling gates
Interface to generate triggering signals to open revolving doors or rolling gates, for example in use with car and load lifts. It can be used in lifts with up to 8 floors and 2 door sides and does not require any setting on the FST.


Radio controlled calls
The lift can be controlled by a 2 or 4 channel radio system additionally to or instead of car and landing panels. This function is designed for lifts with 2-4 floors and can be controlled with the desired amount of hand-held transmitters.


Triggering lift gates
Corresponding door signals in the control cabinet are needed to trigger lift gates (e.g. PEELLE or HÜTTER) as well as various rolling gates. To avoid the transmission from car to control cabinet via additional wires in the trailing cable, the module copies the FSM-2’s door and cam commands onto the door sides A and B. If the safety light barriers are interrupted, the door movement is stopped and will wait for the according reset signal. If an extension module is used, additional vestibule sensors will be supported before the entry.


Signal light triggers
To signal a danger state, various triggers provide a signal light for permitted or non permitted entry to the car or for the positioning of vehicles or loads in the car. Existing signal light triggers so far:

  • Car and landing signal lights RED/GREEN (default)
  • Car positioning lights FOWARD/STOP/BACKWARD (default)
  • Landing signal lights RED/WHITE/GREEN by specification of BMW AG
  • Car signal lights RED/YELLOW/GREEN by specification of DAIMLER AG
  • Car and landing signal lights RED/GREEN by specification of PORSCHE AG
  • Car signal lights RED/GREEN/ORANGE by specification of Chevalier (Hongkong)
  • Landing signal lights RED/GREEN/InUSE by specification of Chevalier (Hongkong)
  • Landing signal lights RED/GREEN by specification of BAUMANN Aufzüge GmbH



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