Call access control and call access concepts

Penthouse control
The Penthouse control (also known as visitor control or attika control) prevents passengers driving into certain floors without special action. Contrary to the conventional penthouse control with maximum 2 collect floors for each penthouse call this module can manage up to 16 different penthouse calls. Additionally you can specify more than 2 collect floors for each penthouse call.


Schoolhouse control
The schoolhouse control is an access control, which allows specific people to use the lift. In case of meetings the schoolhouse control can be disabled to make the lift usable for all passengers. Alternatively it is selectable if all calls should be locked for the normal use or only car or landing calls should be controlled by the schoolhouse control.


C&A warehouse control
This warehouse control orients itself around the lift standard of the enterprise C&A Mode GmbH & Co.KG, which allows special processing of given calls under certain conditions, locks car calls and protects landing calls. A code keyboard in the car operation panel allows the warehouse control to be set to various conditions, in which internal car calls are enabled or the landing call control and the basic position of the doors are manipulated. With a second code keyboard in the landing panel the lift can be switched off.


With the code lock control each normal car operation panel can be used as a code keyboard without the need of installing an external control system such as card reader or code keyboard. Both the automatic calls to various locked floors and the selective enable of several floors can be realized. Up to 15 different codes can be stored.


Bank control
Many security concepts require a strict separation of passengers of different user groups. An access mask defines the possible targets for each user group, the changeover between different user groups will processed automatically if no call requests of the current usergroup are registered.  In a single lift with up to 16 floors all in all 32 different user groups can be defined.


Locking of car and landing calls
The FST control unit allows to realize access controls with classic floor locks over key-switches or card readers. With suitable combination of floor locks, it is possible to realize compact access control concepts.


Security control
The security control, designed for the employment in lifts in closed institutes or in penal institution, allows individual selectable security levels. Car and landing calls are processed in dead-man mode, a premature deactivated call button forces an emergency stop of the lift. Various security szenarios allow the retry of interrupted car or landing calls or lock the lift absolutely. An additional impact switch in the car and running texts in the floor indicators give information about possible danger in the car. Automatically alarmed security staff must now unlock the lift from a special landing panel.


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