Special controller solutions from NEW LIFT

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You are looking for a customized system?

To meet individual needs and requirements, NEW LIFT has developed the CUS technology (custom specific application). It is the key to your individual lift system. In most cases, the RIO-2 module is used as a hardware base. The software is especially adapted to or developed for your needs and leaves nothing to be desired.

Selection of NEW LIFT special controllers

To get an overview of the large variety of customized solutions, have a look at our selection of special controller solutions


Anti surf function
Anti nuissance protection against unauthorised use of the inspection controller and against so called “lift surfers” (jumping on driving cars) – according to the Russian norm PUBEL.


Anti terror function
If the anti terror function is activated, unauthorised people using the lift can be refused access to any other floor. This triggers an immediate blockage of all car doors, followed by a turnaround in the next floor. The designated target floor after the turnaround can be preset (e.g. allow security personal to secure the unauthorised person)


Door checking drive (TÜF) by lift attendant
A key switch in the car can trigger the door checking drive. The car will drive out of the door cam and out of the door zone, and stop. This way the car doors can be opened and shaft doors can be checked manually. This function is often used in buildings with penthouse flats, to which the lift attendant does not have any access (according to 37-A / MA35).


Floor text function
Show additional or exclusive floor texts or difference in height on the EAZ-256 (floor indication display). This function allows floor texts to be displayed for up to 20 floors, but also to display the difference in height relative to the bottom floor in metres or millimetres.


Charge by floor (floor accounting)
Activating this function allows charging passengers separately for the exact drive distance and/or door side of exit. The module can cope with up to 16 charging units and provides a “charge impulse” for 1 sec for each charging unit. This impulse can be used directly or as a potentially free contact of the GLT, to transmit to the charging automation.


Winter function
This function was developed especially for the use with inclined lifts. A weather station provides the values for the winter function. This activates the preheating of the conductors, landing doorsills, de-icing fluid and spray nozzles for temperatures below 3 degrees centigrade. The fill height of the de-icing fluid  will be monitored aswell. If icing is a high risk in winter, an automatic defrosting drive can be set (selectable time intervals: 15 min – 2h). This function can be disabled during competitions so defrosting drives can be activated manually.

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