Everything under control with real-time transparency

The LMSEleVision lift monitoring system is a flexible visualization system for NEW LIFT controllers that has been designed for networking lifts across multiple buildings. In addition, it provides various functions for remote control and data transmission.


Access to all connected lift systems can be implemented with the LMS server via local network (LAN), Internet or dial-up modem connection. It is also possible to access single FSTs distributed over various locations connected with a modem (landline) or with a GSM modem (cell phone connection).


Thanks to the modularity of the system, it is possible to connect third-party systems supporting the OPC industry standard.


The LMS bus spanning multiple lift systems is implemented either as a two wire LON bus or as a Ethernet connection. With the PAM protocol adapter, up to 255 single lifts, groups, escalators and moving walkways can be connected to the LMS bus.

EleVision Software

EleVision is an extensive PC tool to display and process LMS bus data. The EleVision software includes the following components

  • Monitoring
  • Remote control
  • Diagnostics
  • Statistics
  • File transfer
  • Scheduler
  • Evacuation function

Data exchange

The LMS bus provides fast and flexible transfer of the following data:

  • Monitoring data for real-time visualization
  • Remote control data for commands and parametrizing
  • Diagnostic data such as error lists and logs
  • Statistics for calls and drives
  • Messages such as fire signal, evacuation or fault
  • Intelligent evacuation strategies for power failures with configurable mutual drive start blocking