FST-2 MOD according to EN81-1 or EN81-20

Especially for traction lifts with machine compartment, NEW LIFT offers the FST-2XTMOD, a modernization package with interfaces for nearly all existing components such as drives, door controllers and shaft installation.


The FST-2XTMOD is suitable for the complete as well as partial modernization of traction lifts with up to 10 floors.


For simple handling and installation, controllers and frequency inverter are delivered in separate housings. In addition, the included flat trailing cable, the frequency converter cable and the panels are prefabricated and have plug-in connectors.


To ensure smooth commissioning, NEW LIFT parametrizes the frequency inverter at the factory (if customer data is available).


Thanks to its compact design, the FST-2XTMOD is also suitable for systems with small machine compartments. And since we are a one-stop provider, all components are perfectly matched to each other.

Minimum scope of delivery

  • FST-2XT controller
  • FSM-2 car control module
  • FPM-2 car panel module
  • Control cabinet
  • Inspection box with integrated remote control
  • Prefabricated flat trailing cable with plug-in connectors
  • Frequency inverter with prefabricated cable set with plug-in connectors, controled with DCP03
  • Fuji FRENIC Lift or Ziehl-Abegg Zetadyn 4C
  • Prefabricated motor cable set

Optional components

  • ELGO LIMAX2Lift absolute value encoder system
    (other systems available on request)
  • Incremental encoder for frequency inverter with motor installation set and plastic hand wheel
  • Pre-wired car panels as panel, console or full hight panel
  • Call panels for door frame installation, installation with wall box or surface-mounted installation
  • Landing call cable with plug-in connectors or terminals
  • Buttons in various designs and sizes
  • Position indicators EAZ-256 in various sizes and colors, or EAZ-TFT

Technical data

  • Traction lift with up to 10 stops
  • max. nominal current / nominal power
  • Fuji FRENIC Lift: 32 A / 15 kW
  • Ziehl-Abegg Zetadyn 4C bis 32A/14KW
  • Brake voltage: 40 ... 200V DC or 230V AC
  • max. 2 car doors with standard three-phase drive (400 V) or one-phase controller
  • Locking solenoid voltages: 40 ... 200V DC or 230V AC
  • call acknowledgment 24V DC
  • Preparation / integration of the most common safety brakes

Delivery contents

  • FST-2XT controller
  • FSM-2 car control module
  • FPM-2 car panel module
  • Control cabinet 1000 × 600 × 200 mm, galvanized
  • Inspection box galvanized with integrated remote control
  • Frequency inverter with housing
  • Prefabricated flat trailing, motor and frequency inverter cables with plug-in connectors
  • Position indicators EAZ-256*
  • Car panels*
  • Call panels*
  • Buttons, round or square 30 × 30 mm*       

Specifications of frequency inverter

Fuji Frenic Lift

  • Fieldorientated Regulation
  • Optimised drive curve
  • Encoder interface

    • built in 10-30VDC HTL
    • optional TTL,SIN/COS,ENDAT2.1

  • EMV Filter and DC reactor
  • Brake release monitoring according to EN81-A3

Ziehl-Abegg Zetadyn 4C

  • Fieldorientated Regulation
  • Optimised drive curve
  • Encoder interface

    • built in:

      • HTL/TTL/Sinus/ENDAT/SSI/ERN1387/Codeface/Hyperface

  • EMV Filter and power choke
  • Brake release monitoring according to EN81-A3