FST-2XT lift control system

One controller - unlimited fields of application


The FST-2XT makes full use of LON bus technology to provide a highly flexible system and rapid commissioning. Thanks to its modular design it can be configured according to your requirements: standard or high specification systems, single lifts or groups of up to eight lifts, hydraulic and traction lifts – the FST-2XT does it all.


Solutions with special functions can be easily implemented and even retrofitted. The section Controllers with special functions provides an overview of our solutions for custom requirements.


The pre-selection module and safety bypass circuit are already integrated on the FST-2XT circuit board. This facilitates installation in situations with limited space.

Plug&Play and easy installation

Prefabricated bus and flat trailing cables along with automatic calibration and learn drives facilitate an unmatched ease of installation.

Intelligent diagnostics

Efficient troubleshooting is one of the biggest strengths of the FST-2XT. This is a benefit of the integrated FST-2XT software with various diagnostic menus and self-test functions.

Remote control

Controller menu also available remotely via HHT handheld terminal, HHT-IRT infrared remote control as well as LMSEleVision and LMS24/7 lift monitoring systems.


FST-2XT specifications:

  • Up to 64floors with two buttons
  • Up to 8 lifts per group with the GST circuit board
  • Control up to 3 car doors
  • 3 separate microprecessors for lift management, drive control and bus
  • Digital shaft positioning with absolute value or incremental encoders
  • PC card interface for extensive and detailed logging of LON bus traffic, drive curves and group statistics
  • Serial PC interface
  • Serial modem / fax interface
  • DCP inverter interface
  • Lift monitoring interface for LMS24/7 and third-party solutions
  • FST-2XT controller menu in English, French, German, Polish and Swedish


  • Up to 80 programmable inputs and outputs
  •  Fire recall and fireman service according to various standards
  •  Evacuation control
  •  Error storage, drive and door call statistics
  •  Operating hour, drive and door cycle counter
  •  Brake, motor and contactor monitoring
  •  Automatic measuring of appoach and braking distances
  •  Anti nuisance
  •  Emergency call suppression
  •  Password protection
  •  Park drive
  •  Car light monitoring
  •  Installation mode
  •  Car fan control