Your key to flexibility

The Rio-2 I/O expansion module embodies the NEW LIFT principle of flexibility.

Each RIO-2 provides 16 programmable inputs and outputs for the FST-2 controller. It can be connected to the LON bus at any desirable location.



  • Master
  • Slave 1
  • Slave 2


Each FST controller can be expanded with one master, one slave 1 and one slave 2 to provide up to 48 programmable inputs and outputs.

The inputs and outputs can be easily programmed in the menu of the FST controller or with the FSTEditor software.



Approximately 150 functions for inputs and 80 for outputs are available.


Examples for input functions:

  • Fire recall
  • Floor locking
  • Evacuation
  • Special drive


Examples for output functions:

  • Direction of travel
  • Collective and single error messages
  • Floor position
  • Speed threshold