Bring colour into your lift

The new position indicator EAZ-TFT with full graphics support impresses with its bright colours and high contrast. The colour spectrum comprises over 262 000 colours.


It can be installed horizontally or vertically and is controlled via a FST-LON interface using prefabricated bus cables.

Display area

  • Floor names with letter/number combinations
  • Additional, freely configurable floor texts
  • Event-message-field with scrolling text and pictogram
  • Time and date display (with FST only)
  • Various direction arrows, customizable in size, colour and shape


All elements of the display can be configured according to user preferences and can be customized regarding size, position and design (drop-shadow and 3-D-effect). All graphic elements are embedded as bitmaps.

Special display functions

Important events of the lift system are automatically displayed as scrolling text and pictogram.

Preprogrammed events comprise amongst others

  • overload
  • full load
  • special drive
  • out-of-order
  • fire recall
  • fireman service
  • maintenance
  • evacuation


All event texts are freely editable.


The EAZDesigner from NEW LIFT is a user-friendly program to customize your displays. With the Windows graphics user interface, you can set up all display properties.

Data transfer from your computer to the position indicator is done via SD-card.


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