More compact, sharper, greater customisation

Dynamic display

With the EAZ-TFT.110 position indicator you can easily and comfortably make settings on your lift. Use the well-structured menu for quick and uncomplicated selection of text, arrow and background colours or to define designations.

Modern design

The latest technology compactly packaged, expandable hardware and high compatibility characterise the EAZ-TFT.110 position indicator. The sharp display with high contrast impresses with its timeless design and visually enhances your installations.

Free optimisation options

Whether you use the given standard design or create your own with the EAZDesigner - professional indicators are guaranteed in every case!

SAM functionality

The speech output module plays everything from background music to announcements to the approach chime. Have the acoustic acknowledgement play via the SAM and thereby ensure a handicapped accessible lift.

Emergency functions

Adequate visual support in the event of problems: through the emergency pictograms "Please speak" and "Please wait", passengers are guided intuitively. The EAZ-TFT.110 is also equipped with a selfactivating emergency light in the event of power failure.

Special display funtions

Important operating modes of the lift system are displayed as text and pictograms.

Preprogrammed operating modes:

  • Overload
  • Full load
  • Special drive
  • Out-of-order
  • Fire recall
  • Fireman service
  • Maintenance
  • Evacuation
  • Locked Floors
  • Freely programmable status





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