LCS load control system

The expert for load monitoring

The LCS is the smart load control system from NEW LIFT. The system consists of the LCS control module and the respective sensor. Decide for yourself if you want to use a multi rope sensor (LCS-MR) to measure rope tension or a strain gauge sensor (LCS-DMS) to measure bending stress.


  • Continuous load measurements for the functions empty car, full load and overload
  • Pre-torque function to avoid jerky starting with controlled traction lifts
  • Compensation for balancer chain, dynamic and static friction
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Optimization of group algorithm through evaluation of car load in real-time
  • Load dependent evacuation sequence during emergency power operation

Simple commissioning

No full load measurement required thanks to linear calibration. Commissioning is done with only two points of measurement: Empty car and reference load (e.g. one person).

The complete parametrization of the LCS is done with the FST controller. This means load capacity and thresholds for full load and overload in percent (e.g. 80% / 110%) can be set in the controller menu.

All settings can also be adjusted directly from within the car with the HHT handheld terminal. Reference points can also be entered on the car panel.