Protocol adapter module

The PAM is the universal interface module to connect the FST-2 controller or third-party controllers to the LMSEleVision lift monitoring system.

The interface between PAM and FST-2 controller is a serial RS-232 connection. Third-party controllers, escalators and moving walkways are connected using parallel 24V I/O.


The PAM meets the requirements and technical regulations for the electrical compatibility of devices (German EMVG), of the German regulations for lift systems as well as the international standards DIN EN 81-1 and EN 81-2.



The PAM-FTT10 networks the controllers of your lift systems as well as escalators and moving walkways with the master PAM via the LMS LON-bus. The LON-bus connects to the LMS server using a PAM-FTT10 via serial RS-232 or a USB-LON adapter.



Alternatively, you can connect the controllers to the LMS server via Ethernet using the PAM-Ethernet module. In this case no master PAM is required.