Proven NEW LIFT technology – now for home lifts as well

Developed and type-tested in accordance with EN 81-41 for slow-moving home lifts with or without car doors. Special compact design for machine room-less applications with all functions onboard. Cost-effective design with integrated safety circuit bypass control, auxiliary mode control, remote triggering of the regulator and manual evacuation. Prefabricated and pluggable with cable harnesses for shaft and car.

Main features

  • Up to 6 floors
  • Quick installation, fully pluggable
  • For cable and hydraulic
  • With safety circuit bypass control
ECO BASIC (without car door)
  • Up to six floors in push-button mode
  • Safety circuit 24 V
  • Landing call acknowledgement as “lift here”, “occupied” and “fault” display
  • No car door, monitored light curtain
  • Shaft swing doors with fixed retiring cam and zone switching onboard
  • Contactor and runtime monitoring
  • Landing calls are processed automatically
  • Car calls are processed in dead man operation
  • Magnetic positioning with
  • level switch and correction switch
  • Zone switching for bridging the fixed retiring cam in the door zone area
  • Landing calls via flat cable
  • Monitoring of shaft doors
  • Shaft pit and car roof
  • 10 freely programmable I/O ports
  • Two drive controls: cable drive
    with frequency inverter, hydraulic drive
    with star/delta or soft start
ECO PREMIUM (with car door)
  • All features of ECO Basic
  • Landing calls optionally via LON bus with ADM-3
  • Position indicator optionally as
  • EAZ-256/64 or EAZ-TFT 110
  • Car calls optionally via LON bus with EAZ-TFT 110 position indicator
  • Energy-saving mode for optional position indicators
  • Voice message via SAM speech computer or integrated in the EAZ-TFT 110
  • position indicator possible
  • Shaft swing door with locking solenoid control possible
  • Shaft sliding door (telescopic door) possible
  • Automatic door control possible

Compact electronics part for top hat rail mounting with type testing in accordance with Machinery Directive and EN 81-41. The following components and functions are integrated:

  • 7-segment display for troubleshooting and programming
  • 5-button keypad for programming, call input, manual operation, remote triggering of speed limiter and evacuation
  • LEDs for calls, safety circuit, load scale, shaft positioning system and zone switching
  • Fuses for 230 V and 24 V safety circuit
  • Pluggable travelling cable
  • Pluggable panels
  • Prefabricated cable sets for shaft and car
  • Prefabricated jumper set for installation drives
  • Preset parameter set
  • Just two or four magnet switches necessary

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) 385 x 85 x 70 mm
Supply voltage 24 V DC +/- 10 %
Power consumption 150 mA
Parameter set 32x, can be set without programming device
Controller states 22x, displayed via 7-segment display
External bus (optional) LON bus


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