Professional announcements made simple

The choice is yours: the SAMEditor offers you more than 500 announcement messages in German and English. You can thereby ensure that you set the right tone in the lift. Including legally compliant approach chime.

Main features

  • Compact: Only one module for voice announcements, approach chime, events and background music.
  • Professional: Extensive bilingual sound library in studio quality for effortless programming.
  • Outstanding sound quality: Announcements and background music with 22 kHz bandwidth for high quality sound output.
  • Flexible: Individual programming by either NEW LIFT or on-site by the customer.
Speech output

When purchasing a SAM from NEW LIFT, we provide you with a sound library of more than 500 announcement messages in studio quality. This library includes all essential announcements in English and German. In addition to floor announcements, you will find messages for important events such as door movement, direction of travel, malfunction, overload or locked floor. With the SAM, you can select up to three texts to play sequentially for each stop. You can also announce different floor texts for each door side. Selective output for door side A is via channel 1 and for door side B via channel 2. Two potentiometers on the back of the SAM allow for quick and easy adjustment of the maximum volume for channel 1 and channel 2 (max. 65 dB(A)).

Background music

Four titles without copyright restrictions are already included. Of course, the SAM can play back any WAV or MP3 file. This means you can use your own advertisement texts and background music – simple and individual.

Approach chime

The approach chime can be set up with two direction dependent chime signals (one sound for up, two sounds for down). It is also in accordance with EN 81-70.

Sound quality

With a bandwidth of 22 kHz, the SAM has an exceptionally high sound quality. The volume can be adjusted at any time in the FST-2 controller menu.


The included SAMEditor software contains an extensive and professional sound library. You want to create your own background music and/or messages for your lift system? No problem: with the SAMEditor, you can easily also include external WAV and MP3 files. There are no limits to your creativity! With the SAMEditor you can also record your own audio files. Just copy your finished project to a standard SD memory card and insert the card in the SAM.

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H) 90 x 90 x 42 mm
Supply voltage 24 V DC (± 10 %)
Power consumption 80 mA (standby)
250 mA (max. volume)
Sound quality Bandwidth 22 kHz
Connection Standard FST-LON bus
Storage device Standard SD memory card (max. 1 GB)