NEW LIFT history

The groundwork for NEW LIFT Steuerungsbau GmbH began back in 1986 when Peter Zeitler and Mike Hirling founded NEW Lift Zeitler & Hirling GbR as part of the BayTEP Technology Program of the State of Bavaria.


In the early years, the company developed their SST controller and successfully introduced it to the market.


In 1989 the change of company name into NEW LIFT Steuerungsbau GmbH.


Between 1998 and 2003, NEW LIFT operated a sales and service office in Shanghai. But the company made the decision to focus on Germany as a location. In 1999, the company relocated the entire office from Munich to Gräfelfing (just outside of Munich) so sales, research and development, production and customer service could be united under one roof.


To provide customers with additional support in the areas of sales and service, the NEW LIFT Service Center GmbH was established in Kell am See in 2001.


The first certification according to the ISO 9001:2015 and ARL 2014/33/EU was carried out in the year 2012.


In 2016 NEW LIFT celebrated its 30th anniversary.


Today NEW LIFT has more than 130 employees and offers a wide range of products including electronic components, control cabinets, control panels and software. The company's core competency, however, is still the development and production of innovative lift control systems.